Designer on a Budget: Spotty wide leg trousers

Well, would you look at that: Miu Miu include wide leg, polka dot pants in theor Resort 2011 collection, and the next thing you know, everyone’s doing them. Well, New Look and Topshop are, anyway. If Miu Miu jumped in the fire, would you jump too, guys? Huh? HUH?

New Look have actually replicated the Miu Miu spot a little more little more literally than Topshop, who’ve gone for a small dot, and a wider leg, which almost leaves them looking like a maxi skirt. We’ve seen the New Look trews in store, and can confirm they’re nicer than they look in this image, although at first glance we did think, “Hey, why’ve they got pyjamas amongst the normal clothes?”, which may not be the reaction you’d be hoping for. (Or maybe it would, of course. Would they pass the “Tesco Test“, though, we wonder?)

What do you think? Could you make these work, or would they leave you feeling like an off-duty clown? Click here to buy the New Look pair, and here for the Topshop versions, if so?

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