Designer on a Budget: Polka dot shorts by Miu Miu and BooHoo

Polka dots are going to be big this summer. Bigger than they usually are, we mean. Polka dots tend to be one of those prints that never really go away, don’t they? This season, however, more than one big-name designer has decided to make use of them, and that means the high street has been quick to follow suit. We’ve already shown you Zara’s take on Marc Jacobs’ polka dot dress, and now here’s BooHoo’s version of Miu Miu’s (and hey, they even sound kinda similar!) polka dot shorts.

One pair is £170, and the other just £6. Given that they both look a bit like something you’d wear to bed to us, we’d probably spend £6 on the BooHoo version, and then have £164 to spend on shoes, but that’s just us. Which would you go for?

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