When Wide Leg Jeans Attack


Now, we know y’all are down with your wide leg pants, and we’re cool with that, we really are. But there has to be limits to any fashion trend, and with these Elephant Bells Jeans, I think Judi Rosen has well and truly reached that limit. Pairing hems that are almost as wide as they’re long (wand which appear to have been ironed width-wise, to create the illusion of even more width) the type of high waist that I still think flatters no one (and I don’t care how many comments you leave telling me I’m wrong!), they also have that weird "floating in mid air" look that happens when your jeans are wide and don’t quite reach the floor. See, you could get away with that length if you were wearing skinnnies – BRING BACK THE SKINNIES, I say! Bring them back!

If you disagree, by all means head over to Shop Bop , where you can buy these for $226. But don’t say we didn’t warm you…

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