The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Gucci Handbags


Sometimes within one small sector of the fashion world, there exists such a wide range of styles that it can be hard to believe that they sprung from the mind of the same designer, or are part of the same fashion family. Witness, for instance, the wonderful house of Gucci…

Gucci Handbags: The Good

Meet Gucci’s ‘Queen’ Large Top handle bag. We know some of our fellow fashion bloggers have been less than enthused with it, but having had the opportunity to meet this bag in person just last week, we’re more than happy to add our voices to those praising it.

Gucci Handbags: The Bad

We’re not sure whether it’s the fact that it’s made of pink python, the profusion of unnecessary ruffles, or the slightly messy print, but we’re just finding the ‘Sabrina’ medium Boston bag a little hard to love…

Gucci Handbags: The Ugly

Gucci’s ‘Royal’ large tote.  That’s real fox fur on the top. Would’ve looked a whole lot nicer on the fox, no?

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