Style on Trial: Transparent Handbags


I was all ready to start cooing over this "patent" Goldenbleu handbag, and then I looked a little closer and the horrible truth hit me: it’s not "patent" at all – it’s transparent, and I’m just now down with the whole "transparent handbags" thing. Not at all. Just as a man’s home is said to be his castle, you see, a woman’s handbag is her own private domain, stuffed full of snooty old tissues, empty wrapping papers, Tampax and other things that you wouldn’t necessarily want to put on show, you know? And while the shape of this handbag is beautiful, the see-through vinyl would make me feel like my whole life had to be perfect, in order to match it: so no balled up tissues, no ancient receipts, and no more lipsticks with the caps missing and all the makeup smeared around the top. Instead, a bag like this would demand that you carry only the most immaculate of possessions inside it, but then it would be just begging to be stolen, wouldn’t it?

Well, they’re not as bad as see-through pants, admittedly, but I think I’ll be steering clear (hee!) of the see-through handbags, too. What about you?  

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  • December 4, 2007


    The fact that I always take a book in my bag to parties in case I find myself horrendously bored would be out in seconds…rumbled again.

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