Name that Designer Handbag!


Going from the results of our Identity Parade game earlier this week, we deduced that The Fashion Police readers know their handbags. So we decided to put that knowledge to the test by seeing if you can guess the identity of this designer handbag, even when we’ve disguised it (and made it a little rough around the edges). Spotting suspects in disguise is an essential skill for any Fashion Police officer, and although we’ve gone for an easy bag this week, you never know when we’ll spring a tough one on you, so show off your knowledge and Name That Designer Handbag!

(The answer will appear, as if by magic, after the "read more" link sometime tomorrow, so get your answers in before then!)

Kudos to everyone who attempted to answer this one, and particularly to Heidi, who was in the right ballpark with her guess of "Chloe". The bag in question, is indeed, by Chloe – it’s the Chloe Bay, which is available at Net-a-Porter for £886.