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Identity Parade: Can you spot the designer tote bag?


We’re still feeling in a bit of a holiday mood after the Easter break (read: "We can’t be bothered doing any work") so we thought we’d play a little game. We suspect this game will probably be a little too easy for most of you, but if you like it, we’ll try and make it more challenging next time.

The rules are simple: up above, you’ll see two patent tote bags with perforated designs on the front. One is a designer handbag, the other… isn’t. It’s up to you to see if you can pick the designer bag out of this Fashion Police identity parade – extra points if you can tell us which designer it is. We’ll post the answer in the comments field later today!

So, Bag A or Bag B: which is the designer? (And just to satisfy our curiosity, which do you prefer?)

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