Kate Spade’s Bollywood Stevie bag: not her best work


Kate Spade is a designer whose name is normally synonymous with the kind of expensive-yet-discreet handbags that could cause no offense to anyone. Until now, obviously. This is the ‘Bollywood Stevie’ and it’s apparently inspired by Bollywood’s "dazzling palettes and unabashed glitz with a touch of camp". You don’t say. It’s made of clear PVC with neon overlay, and is $325. We think $32.50 might be a little more appropriate for this one…

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  • March 15, 2008


    Maybe if I had $325 to drop on a Kate Spade bag I would be the tidy kind of girl who doesn’t have about two inches of detritus that they’d rather not put on display for all and sundry. Seeing as I’m not though, I think this bag bears a striking resemblace to a $20 beachbag of my mother’s that’s been sitting under my bed since I moved into my apartment last summer.

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