Crime of Fashion: The Marios Sweater Designer Handbag


Was it really only last week that we were posting about how there really aren’t too many ugly handbags around? Since then they’ve all come crawling out of Handbag Hell to prove us long, with the latest in what’s becoming a long line of hideous handbags being none other than the Marios ‘sweater’ bag, so called because it’s… well, because it’s a bag made out of a sweater. Perhaps a more appropriate name, though, would have been the Marios "Body Bag", because come on – take a look at this at tell us you’re not seeing a headless body hanging on a shoulder strap?  Then try telling us you want to walk around looking like you have that same lifeless body slung over your shoulder – because if you do, we somehow thing you’ll be attracting the attention of a different type of police altogether…

[via BagBliss]

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