Denim Wars: What’s your favourite type of jeans?

Different types of jeans ranging from skinny to flared (All jeans shown: River Island)

One, two, three, four, we declare a denim war!

Yesterday we talked about how bootcut jeans are kicking skinnies in the denim ass as far as eBay sales are concerned. Today we want to introduce some other types of jeans into the fray, and start a full-scale denim war. Imagine armies of jeans, all battling for dominance. Who will win? YOU DECIDE! (Sorry, we thought we were on Big Brother for a second there…)

The question is simple: WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE TYPE OF JEAN?

To make it simpler still, we’ve included a poll. Please feel free to elaborate on your vote in the comments, so we can all argue over something as trivial as denim.

(We’re joking: let’s not argue. In fact, let’s all have a big, denim-clad hug. Only after you’ve placed your vote below, though…)

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