Denim Skirts: What do you think of them?


This week I’ve been reading Hadley Freeman’s excellent book, The Meaning of Sunglasses (which we’ll be reviewing next week sometime). In the book, Hadley makes the observation that, with a few notable exceptions, denim is really best kept for jeans. I think I’d have to agree, particularly in reference to these denim skirts, which are new in at Miss Selfridge this week.

A well-cut denim mini skirt I can just about handle, in certain situations, and on certain people. Denim skirts like these ones, though – well, for some reason they’re making me think of bleached blonde permed hair (with the roots showing) worn with neon coloured "scrunchies", huge fake nails, white frilly ankle socks and trainers. I have no idea why that’s the image that pops into my head when I look at these, but there you have it.

What do you think of denim skirts, then? And, more specifically, what do you think of these denim skirts? Would you wear them? And, if so, what would you wear them with? So many questions needing answers…

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