Denim Skirts: Crime or Classic?

Last week we addressed the thorny issue of double denim, and whether or not its wearing constitutes a crime of fashion. (Verdict: the jury was divided in the comments section, but our Facebook officers delivered a resounding “GUILTY” verdict.) This week, we turn our attention to another denim-related matter: denim skirts:

models in denim skirts

Denim skirts: Zara

Denim skirts are making a comeback this season, and we’d imagine those words will get one of two possible reactions from most of you: either…

a) How can denim skirts be making a “comeback”? They’ve never gone anywhere!


b) How can denim skirts be “back” in fashion, when they were never actually IN fashion to start with?

Yes, officers, this is one of those items that can divide opinions. For some, the denim skirt is a classic: there are so many different styles and washes available that it can be casual or smart as required, and seriously, when you have that much variety in a style of skirt, they can’t ALL be crimes of fashion, surely?

Then there are those who veer strongly in the opposite direction. They associate denim skirts with the teenage years (Maybe even their OWN teenage years, which they don’t want to re-visit: at least, not in a sartorial sense…), Western wear, and maybe Britney Spears, back at the start of her downward spiral.

Which group is right?

Actually, they both are, because, as with everything else, it all comes down to a matter of personal taste. As for us: we’ll admit to having owned denim skirts in the past, and we’ll also admit to having no desire whatsoever to own one in the future. However, just to be difficult, we’ll just add that we have no real objections to the dark denim pencil skirt in the image above, so there’s always the chance that our minds could be changed on this one.

Want to be the one to change it? Go on: tell us what you love or loathe about denim skirts, and most importantly, help us answer the question:

Are denim skirts a crime of fashion?

If you’re still struggling to make up your minds, here are just a few of the different styles currently available:



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