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Style on Trial: Patchwork denim skirt by Emilio de la Morena


Have yer guessed what it is yet? < /rolfharris>

OK, so we clearly gave the game away by using the words "patrchwork skirt" in the title of this post, but when when we first found this, over at Two See, we weren’t 100% sure what we actually were seeing. At first glance it looked like some kind of  cuff or something, but nope, it’s Emilio de la Morena’s patchwork denim skirt, and we’re keen to know what you think of it.

This is far from your ordinary denim mini skirt, you see, and while our days of wearing denim minis have now been put well behind us, we’re wondering whether those of you who can still get away with such things would cough up £365 for this one, or… not?

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