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Denim leggings: for those days when you just really want to show off your crotch…


Now, before y’all go pointing out that hey, they’re just like REALLY skinny jeans, and ain’t nothing wrong with that, let us just point out one very important point: the pockets. These here denim leggings have pockets on the butt. They’re not real pockets, off course – with fabric as tight as this, pockets aren’t going to be a whole lot of use to you, really – but their very presence tells us that these pockets were designed to be seen.

Just to reiterate: these pockets on the back of a pair of DENIM LEGGINGS were designed to be SEEN.

It’s starting, folks. The "leggings-worn-without-any-kind-of-crotch-covering" trend is starting.

Hold us.

[via Fashion Binge]
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