Denim is out of control again

It’s happening again, fashion force. Just when we thought the destroyed denim trend was over, and it was safe to go back into Toshop again, without fear of running into hundreds of pairs of raw hem jeans (is it just us, or does anyone else look at those things and feel like the wearer is obviously in someone else’s hand-me-downs, which had to have the hems let out or cropped off to fit properly?), they go and do this to poor old denim:

cold shoulder denim jacketThey call it an “extreme cold shoulder denim jacket”. Which seems pretty accurate, really. Our main question, though, is WHY? Why do people all of sudden find it SO unacceptable to cover their shoulders? Why must they always be bared to the elements, whether in a dress, a jumper or even a jacket, like this one? And when is it EVER cold enough to need a jacket, but warm enough for bare shoulders? More importantly, WHY MUST BRANDS KEEP ON MESSING WITH DENIM? Why can’t they just leave it be:¬†denim wasn’t broken, after all, so why the repeated attempts to fix it, we wonder?

Meanwhile, over at ASOS:

oversized denim shorts

This model is showing us her stomach in a brave attempt to distract us from the fact that she’s wearing someone else’s shorts. At least, we’re assuming that’s why she’s doing it (The pose is just a little bit random, if not, although, to be fair, if we had abs like that, we’d probably go around holding our shirts up all the time, too…) As for why she’s wearing the shorts, meanwhile, well, this is all the proof you need that modelling is NOT always glamorous, people: although she should probably consider herself lucky that they didn’t make her wear the shorts with the jacket above – seems like the “edgy” thing to do, non?

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