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Drop Crotch Crimes: Denim “bloomers” from Cheap Monday

Denim_bloomers_2Aww, would you look at that, folks, it’s baby’s first power suit! Only problem is, these “bloomers” by Cheap Monday aren’t for “baby” – they’re for you. Yes, you. And as if the elasticated hems, dropped crotch and general “I’m totally wearing a diaper underneath these” appearance of them isn’t bad enough, we’re just totally confused by the fact that this model is wearing them with a smart pair of dress pumps, of the sort you’d wear to the office. Why would you do this, we wonder? Is it some strange twist on Casual Friday? ‘Bring Your Bloomers to Work’ Day? An office where bathroom breaks are forbidden? Or just another drop crotch fashion crime? You decide. We’re too busy banging our heads repeatedly against a brick wall in sheer frustration…

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