Debra Messing and the Justified Ancients of Muu Muu


OK. The first time this happened we might have been willing to put it down to an honest mistake (and seriously, who hasn’t gone out in public dressed in a family sized tent before?), but twice makes it seem deliberate, and we are so not down with this whole "Messing in a Muu Muu" thing. Seriously, why is she dressed like this? Has she had some kind of religious conversion or something? What?!

Now, that looks like an airport in the background, and yes, we will concede that this would proably have been comfortable to travel in, but you know what? That’s no excuse. And we say to Debra what we say to the Crocs fans: LOTS OF CLOTHES ARE "COMFORTABLE". These clothes? Are crazy. Also: we’d worry about going through security checks dressed like that. She could be smuggling a whole nation of illegal immigrants under that thing…

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