Daylight Robbery: Yves Saint Laurent’s £3,685 sequin jumpsuit


  This may prove controversial, but the Fashion Police would like to contend that NO item of clothing is worth £3,685 / $5,136.

OK, maybe a wedding dress. Or an item of clothing you could actually live in. Or that would clean your apartment, do your laundry and look after you in your old age.

Let's revise that statement slightly: no JUMPSUIT in the world is worth £3,685, and we don't care if every single one of those sequins was hand sewn by leprechauns. Solid gold leprechauns. Because, seriously, this isn't exactly the most versatile item of clothing in the world, is it? Or, indeed,the nicest.

What do you think , readers? Is there an item of clothing you'd pay that much for? Is this that item? If so, you can buy it at Browns. We think you already know the price…

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