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Daylight Robbery? Versus Safety Pin Dress

Are we the only ones who are over the punk thing now? Call us old fashioned, but when we fork out €1.249,00 for a dress we expect it to stay together of its own accord. We don’t want it held together with safety pins!

Joking aside, there are many things we like about this dress: the colour would be lovely on the right complexion, and the shift shape is an office classic. But those sparkly safety pins are just so tacky looking – they give the impression of a sort of punk Barbie hybrid! Versace are clearly revisiting their own archive with this one (remember the safety pin dress made famous by Liz Hurley in the 90s?) but is this one design that should have stayed in the archive, do you think, or is punk Barbie right up your street? If so, hop on over to for a safety pin dress of your very own!

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