Daylight Robbery? Roberto Cavalli fur earmuffs

Winter is (hopefully) over in this part of the world, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year, so how much would you give us for these Roberto Cavalli earmuffs, readers?

How about, hmmm, £230 / $350? Does that sound fair to you? No? Oh, COME ON, people, they’re DESIGNER, for Gaga’s sake!

They’re also real fur, which we know can be expensive as well as cruel, but as haven’t specified what kind of fur, we’re going to assume it’s the fur of the lesser-spotted Fashionus Crimus, which is a mythical creature, the fur of which is said to turn base metal into gold, and Crocs into Louboutins. That’s the only way we’d be able to justify spending $350 on a pair of earmuffs, but what do you think? Daylight Robbery? A super-duper bargain? Get them at if your world just won’t be complete without them…

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  • April 14, 2010


    One word: WHAT!? ok, I like earmuffs, they’re cute, but using real fur… :*( DISLIKE

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