Not bad! For an apron, yeah, I’d totally rock this …

Comment on Daylight Robbery: Miu Miu’s ‘urban apron’ skirt by a woman.

Not bad! For an apron, yeah, I’d totally rock this look!
What? Are you serious? You’re actually SUPPOSED to wear this… OUTSIDE?!

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Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Topshop’s version of Chanel’s Russian doll bag
Chanel’s is prettier… the Topshop version looks a little cheap. (it kind of is, compared to Chanel)

Lady Gaga: now we REALLY can’t read her Poker Face…
Hmmm… when was this picture taken? Perhaps she’s just paying tribute to Michael Jackson?

The Nipple Bra: a good, old-fashioned crime of fashion
“A quick search into Google… Disturbing eh?”
What’s even more disturbing is that you actually typed that into Google.

Teenager makes prom dress out of coffee filters
A different colour would compliment her skin tone instead of competing against it like it is now. Or, she should dye her hair and get a tan.

Balmain’s $5,500* cotton jacket, complete with Swarovski crystals, shoulder pads and bows
I think it’s too much clothing for Lady GaGa.

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