Daylight Robbery: Miu Miu’s ‘urban apron’ skirt


 At first glance, we thought this was a little boat-necked top.

We were wrong:


 Yes, it's an apron. And, OK, aprons are fine. They're, you know, handy for those times when you're cooking or cleaning and you want to protect your regular clothes from dirt.

That's not what this one is for, though. No, this is an URBAN apron. Which apparently means you're meant to wear it outside the house. Oh, and to pay £272 / $379 for it.


We'd say that makes it a classic example of Daylight Robbery, because even supposing we DID want to wear aprons in public – and, just to be clear, we DON'T – we really can't imagine paying that much for one. Can you? (Get it here if you answered "yes" to that one…)

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