Sock Horror!

Daylight Robbery: Miu Miu’s $400 cotton socks


Apologies for bringing another Daylight Robbery report so soon after the feather headdress, but we have another DIY project for you all:

  • Get a pair of knee-high socks
  • Sew a bunch of sequins and maybe some little buttons etc onto them
  • Sell them for $400*
  • If anyone challenges you on this, explain that you are an “artist” and talk a lot about “craftsmanship”. Finish by telling the person that they “obviously don’t understand art”.
  • Laugh all the way to the bank

Got that? Great!

And right at this moment, shoe designers all over the world are kicking themselves at the thought that they’ve been spending all that time carefully designing and crafting shoes when they could’ve just stuck some sequins onto socks and sold them for almost the same price…

Miu Miu embellished cotton socks, £245, Net-a-Porter

* We rounded the price up a bit – it was actually only$398 at time of writing.

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