Daylight Robbery? Manish Aurora’s £500 sequined leggings

sequinned leggings

Sequinned leggings, £541 at Louisa Via Roma

First up, these aren’t actually £500: phew!

Nope, they#re £540. D’OH. (For the benefit of our US readers, that’s somewhere in the region of $900. Yes.)

Also: these aren’t actually leggings. Louisa Via Roma have, for reasons best known to the themselves, neglected to provide a full-length photo of the suspect (Because we don’t know about you, but when we’re spending £500+ on a pair of leggings, we totally don’t feel the need to actually see what we’ll be getting for our money. No way, we’ll just hand over that credit card, and trust in the designer fashion Gods to make everything OK…), but from what our detectives can gather, they appear to be a very fancy pair of sheer tights, with sequins attached from the thigh down. So, they’re not so much “leggings” as they are “Nylons-Pretending-to-Be-Sequinned-Legwarmers”. Just what the world was crying out for, in other words.

Is this an act of daylight robbery, we wonder?

In the suspect’s defence, these probably weren’t the easiest things in the world to make. If those sequins were hand-sewn then we really don’t envy the person who was given that particular task. On the other hand, we don’t particularly envy the person who buys them either, because, aside from the fact that there are so many other things we could imagine spending that £500 / $900 on, what we CAN’T imagine is getting these on or off without shredding the sheer section and thus ruining our £500 leggings. And how would you wash them?

So many questions come to mind with this suspect (One important one being the small matter of where on earth you’d actually WEAR them), but the one we’re most concerned with today is figuring out whether you consider this to be an act of Daylight Robbery.

Do you?

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