Daylight Robbery? Lanvin’s $500 straw hat

OK, is anyone else seeing a straw hat here? The kind you can buy for a few pounds at any one of many beach-side stalls, in any beach town in the world? Because we’re seeing an ordinary straw hat, here, folks, and so we’re REALLY wondering where the $520 price tag comes in here. Was the straw woven by angels? Is that chiffon bow (which you could add yourself to one of the aforementioned cheap straw hats for WAAAAY less than $520) shot through with solid gold? Or is this a classic example of Daylight Robbery, with helpless fashion victims being tricked into paying $520 for a STRAW HAT, just because “It’s LANVIN! It’s DESIGNER!”

We think it’s the latter. If you disagree, and you need that $500 hat in your life RIGHT NOW, click here to buy it.

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