Daylight Robbery: Julien Macdonald’s £2,685 threadbare dress

Have you ever stood behind a girl at the bar and wondered whether you should tell her that her label, or worse, her bra clasp, is sticking out above her dress? Can you imagine the conversations this dress would provoke between concerned parties: “Do you think she knows her dress has fallen down? Is that a bra or a top underneath? Shall I offer her a couple of safety pins?”

Net-a-Porter call it “intricate”. They describe the dress as “cut-out”. We prefer “hanging by a thread” – because seriously, a couple of flimsy threads are all that is stopping the skirt of this dress from abandoning the bodice completely.

That’s assuming the bra-top warrants the title “bodice”, of course…

Seriously, ladies, for almost £3k we’re pretty sure you could do a lot better. In fact, for a fraction of the price and bus fare to our local M&S, the Fashion Police will willingly recreate this look for you!

Julien Macdonald lace and chiffon mini dress, £2,685 from Net-a-Porter.

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