Daylight Robbery? Carine Gilson silk-satin and lace camisole and shorts

Let’s be clear about one thing here: these are gorgeous. Well, they are, aren’t they? They’re beautiful and luxurious, and exactly the kind of thing we’d like to have tucked away in our lingerie drawer for a special occasion. It would have to be a VERY special occasion, though, because these cost £739 / $1,195 for the set, and if we ever find ourselves handing over $1000 for a camisole and a pair of shorts, well, we hope someone will do us the kindness of taking our credit cards from us and refusing to return them until we appear to have come to our senses.

What about you, though, oh readers? Would you spend this much money on something like this, or do you feel it’s a clear-cut case of Daylight Robbery?

(Oh, and if the answer to that question was “Absolutely not!”, you can buy them both at Net-a-Porter.)

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