Daylight Robbery? Bless ‘Yeti’ gloves

Earlier this week, we showed you a selection of yeti boots, so now here are the matching gloves. So that’s Halloween sorted, then.

Actually, we’re not calling these “Yeti gloves” because of their appearance, although they will almost certainly make your hands look they belong on SOME kind of monster. No, we’re calling them “Yeti gloves” because they have a price tag of no less than $453… and for that price, we have to assume that they’ve been knitted using the fur of the Yeti and stitched together with unicorn hair.

No such luck, though: according to Colette, these are actually made from “hairy virgin wool”.

So, we guess we have two questions:

1. Do you want monster hands?

2. Are you prepared to pay $435 for them?

If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, click here to make your monster hand dreams a reality. Also, while we’re on the subject, and seeing as you apparently have $400 to spend on hairy gloves: don’t suppose you could spare some change?


  • July 28, 2011


    But, where do they get the ‘hairy virgins’ from? That’s the burning question on my mind… Do they advertise? How do they check that the virgins are, indeed virgins??? Or am I totally missing the point?

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    • July 28, 2011


      I was wondering that, too.
      Maybe it’s a regular expression, but to non-native-speakers like me “hairy virgin wool” sounds just as disturbing as “unicorn hair” – probably even more so… *shudder*

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    • July 28, 2011

      The Fashion Police

      That made me laugh, too! I think it’s probably just because Colette is a French site and sometimes things get lost in translation: the product descriptions can be quite amusing 🙂

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    • July 28, 2011


      I can’t stop laughing at ‘hairy virgin wool’. :)) I’m getting all sorts of weird mental pictures here…

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  • July 29, 2011


    I bet they’re excellent for dusting.

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    • October 9, 2011


      Funny you should say that because I have a pair of gloves that look like a mint green version of these bad boys & they are designed for picking up dust with…they are kind of static cling things that just pick the dust right up off your surfaces…

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