Daylight Robbery? Bess tea-stained cotton t-shirt

Sometimes the clue is in the name. This is a tea-stained cotton t-shirt. It looks, well, like a cotton t-shirt that got stained when someone spilled tea on it. Like, A LOT of tea.

You tell us – is it worth £200? Because The Fashion Police know a place you can get 100 very stainy tea bags for 99p, should you wish to recreate the effect on a cotton t-shirt of your very own…

Bess tea-stained cotton t-shirt, £200 from Net-a-Porter.

(Oh, and if you DO think it’s too much, Topshop’s ‘Nibbled Tee’ is a tad cheaper at £16, and is also tea-stained:

Mind you it has also apparently been nibbled by mice, so perhaps there’s good reason for the lower price…

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