Daylight Robbery: Beige patchwork cardigan by Clare Tough


  Of all the things in the world we can imagine spending £1,200/ $1691 on, we have to say that anything that can be described as a "beige cardigan" probably wouldn't be one of them.

No, in the entirely fictional (but really quite fun) world in which we have that amount of money to spend on a frivolous fashion item, we're thinking the item in question would have to be something we could describe using the words "fabulous shoes", "show-stopper dress" or "handbag that will last forever". Maybe even "great big diamond". But "beige cardigan"? Nah, it's just not doing it for us.

Of course, the fact that this particular beige cardigan iconlooks like it's been cobbled together using little bits of knitting from a bunch of totally unrelated projects doesn't help here. We're willing to believe a huge amount of work went into its creation (for that price we really HOPE a huge amount of work was involved), but even so, it still strikes us as daylight robbery. What do you think?

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