Daylight Robbery: Augusta’s $1,794 dumpster boots

How much would you give us for a pair of boots that look like this, readers?

How about $1,794? Does that sound good to you? No? But… but…they’re DESIGNER! We know they LOOK like someone just dug them out of the dumpster, but they are, in fact, brand, spanking new, and the product of a creative process so unique that they were deemed to be worth the best part of $2,000.

Either that or they’re made from unicorn skin.

We have to admit, though, if these boots were in front of us right now, we’d probably slip one of them on, and use it to kick ourselves hard for not coming up with this idea first. Seriously: imagine if you were able to convince people to spend $1,700 on a pair of old boots! Think of the money you could make from dumpster diving! Yes, if Augusta really are able to persuade people to part with that much money, for something that looks like this, then we feel we have to take our hats off to them. That’s the kind of persuasive power you really don’t want to mess with. We wonder if they’d be interested in joining the force?

Get the boots here.

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