Daylight Robbery: the £1,695 “dressing gown”

Readers, what would you call this?

Dressing_gown_3Fashion Police Officer Mousy (yes, she of “Photoshopping furry items of clothing” fame) thinks it’s a dressing gown. A really, really freaking expensive dressing gown, given that it costs £1,695.

We agree. Seriously, that’s a dressing gown, isn’t it? And it’s a fairly nice dressing gown, too, but if we wore it out in public we’d worry that people would think we just escaped from the nearest hospital and didn’t stop to grab some clothes first.

It is not a dressing gown. No, this is, in fact, a coat. Or it is according to Browns, anyway. And we’d say the fact that it IS cashmere excuses – or at least explains – the price but… it doesn’t really, does it?

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