Crimes of Fashion

Cute River Island top in “Clothes That Are Stuck Together” tragedy

Hey, everyone, lookit this top:


Isn't that cute? Understated, yes, but still: cut. But oh good God, what fresh horror is this?!


Yes, it's a Clothes That Are Stuck Together Crime - in this case, a top that's been attached to a pair of pants. And actually, we'd have been willing to overlook this one because, well, it's a jumpsuit. It is, by its very nature, stuck together.

What pushed us over the edge, then, wasn't the fact that the top was stuck to a pair of pants. It was the fact that it was stuck to a pair of HAREM pants:


Can you spot the crotch in this photo? No, neither can we, and that's because the crotch doesn't appear to have actually made it into the frame. Which is tragic, really.

If you like it, though, you can buy it at River Island.

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