Style on Trial: Cuff legged pants

Cuff_legged_pants Pants with cuffs at the ankles: we’ve always been suspicious of them. Why is this, do you think? Is it because they remind us of harem pants? Is it because they make us think of joggers? Is it just because they’ve managed to give even this perfectly-formed model the illusion of having the cankles from hell? Or is it all of the above?

We suspect that last option is the answer, here. The thing is, unless you’re planning on walking through a pit of snakes, or taking part in some other activity in which having beasties crawl up your pants is a very real possibility (If you are, write us!), we just can’t find a whole lot to love about the cuffed pants. There’s just something very 80s about them, and we’re not down with that. At all.

What about you? Do you appreciate the pants with cuffs, or do you want us to just… cuff ’em? (Sorry.)

(These ones, by the way, are by Mayle, and are $415 at Shopbop)

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