It’s actually pretty easy to tell that there is a …

Comment on Crotch Watch: Emilio Pucci’s laser cut suede shift dress by Ella.

It’s actually pretty easy to tell that there is a nude-colored lining, and I have a feeling it would be even more obvious in real life than in a photo…
…that said, this dress would be a million times better if that lining was white, black, darker brown, any color but nude!

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Fashion Trends : Wet look
On the right person, for the right occasion… but that is not very frequent in either case.

Friends don’t let friends flash their thongs. Big Brother contestants do, though.

Style on Trial: Antipodium Don’t Sleeve Me Skirt
I could see the right girl pulling this skirt off, making it loot cute, hip, and clever. But paying $320 for it is just dumb.

Style on Trial: Vera Wang’s rhinestone snake collar
The idea to make a necklace that looked like a snake was sitting on your shoulders was actually really cool. If only the snake were thinner and more elegant looking, though.

Sophia Bush shows off some serious toe cleavage
I’m going to be the dissenting voice and say that I don’t mind it. I rather like it, actually.
Granted, it looks a little odd when you are all zoomed in on her feet like that. But from a distance, showing that much foot will do wonders to lengthen the leg. For short girls like Sophia and me, that’s ALWAYS a good thing.

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