Crotch Watch: Emilio Pucci’s laser cut suede shift dress


All eyes will be on you in this Emilio Pucci dress. They’ll be on you because you’ll look like you’re naked, with just a few shreds of coloured suede draped over your body. Now tell us: is that a look you want to go for? Is it?

Actually, the nudity is but an illusion here, you’ll be pleased to know. The dress is actually lined with a nude underlay, so it only looks like you’re naked under it. We’ll just say that again: it looks like you’re naked. We’ve actually had nightmares involving just that scenario, so we think we’ll be steering clear of this one. Quite apart from anything else, we just can’t get past the thought of walking into a crowded room, only to have all eyes move swiftly to our crotches while their owners whisper excitedly to each other, "Hey, is that chick naked?"

What do you think of the "fooled you!" look, as shown here?

[via Stylehive]

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