Crotch-baring clothing: Rick Owens Asymmetric leather skirt

Rick Owens asymmetric leather skirt

Ok, so call us traditional, but we tend to associate skirts with – at the very least – crotch coverage. Increasingly in recent years the mini has indeed become micro, and the micro has all but disappeared into belt territory… but in order to charge skirt prices, most designers at least pretend that their skirts do, in fact, skim the thigh top at least.

Not so Rick Owens. Who clearly feels that as long as there is enough fabric in the skirt overall, the exact distribution of coverage doesn’t really matter!

In order to wear this out in public (and maintain your modesty) you’ll need to splash out on an undergarment of some description: for example, the £545 cashmere sweater with which Rick Owen’s matched the item on the catwalk. And which, to The Fashion Police at least, more closely resembles a dress than a sweater…

We’re a little confused by what exactly defines “skirt” and “dress” these days.

If all this makes more sense to you, you can pick up the Rick Owens Asymmetric leather skirt for £625 from Net-a-Porter.


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