When Crocs and deck shoes collide


We’d love to be flies on the wall at the Crocs HQ, just for a day… Not just because it would give us the opportunity to make so many Fashion Police arrests that the cells would be fit to bursting, but because we have to admit to being ever so slightly in awe of the type of imagination that can dream up something like this – the Croc/boat shoe hybrid.

Now, there was nothing wrong with deck shoes. No, they were never the most exciting breed of footwear, but they had their place, and as long as they were happy to remain in that place, we were happy to let them. There was just no need to stick a whopping great chunk of the ubiquitous holey plastic onto the bottom of them, was there? In fact, you could even call it cruel.

Did deck shoes deserve this act of Crocification? We think not. And we shudder to think what poor, innocent style of shoe could be next…

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