Crocs Update: still ugly, even with help from Donald Duck


These shocking images were sent in by roving Fashion Police Officer Danielle, who snapped them on her beat in Vegas this weekend. We’re thinking what happens in Vegas should probably stay in Vegas, right? We’re also thinking some stores clearly missed the memo about how sticking the grinning, decapitated heads of Disney characters onto the toes of your Crocs doesn’t suddenly make them stylish. Quite the opposite, in fact…

Spotted a Crime of Fashion? Call The Fashion Police!

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  • March 22, 2009


    i think crocs are the absoltely worst shoe ever created!
    i mean what are they, a cross between a sandal and a wellington?
    i never really thought they would catch on being so hideous, but during a visit to london last year i couldn’t turn around without seeing someone wearing a pair it was unbelieveable. Then when i arrived home in my town about an hour away it seemed they were inescapable. And the idea of creating little badges to personalise them with just adds insult to injury in my opinion.

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