Hah! Those are so wierd, it makes me want …

Comment on Crocs make high heels out of plastic. Fashion Police weep. by Mander.

Hah! Those are so wierd, it makes me want a pair. I’d giggle every time I saw my feet.

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Kelis at the First Annual Data Awards: Fashion Criminal Extraordinaire
Somehow, she reminds me of a sea monkey here.

Oh, rats! Melissa Numa + Love Fox sandals, complete with “rat accents”
In my goth days, these would have been perfect.

Style on Trial: Keira Knightley’s “naked ladies” Miu Miu outfit
Give her some Bettie Page bangs and bright red lipstick and she’s all set to go to a rockabilly revival show. A la the Reverend Horton Heat or similar.

Heroes in a Half Skirt: Miu Miu’s pleated “skirt” puzzles Fashion Police officers
Clearly, it’s a loincloth for the modern girl getting in touch with her roots.

Rick Owens creates worst case of camel toe ever seen
That HAS to be a private joke on the part of the designer.

Or some kind of wierd artsy statement about feminism or something.

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