There is not enough repentance in the world… …

Comment on Crocs make high heels out of plastic. Fashion Police weep. by Miss Britt.

There is not enough repentance in the world…

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You paid HOW much? Dolce & Gabbana’s David Bowie t-shirts
When I went to the Prince concert last year in Vegas, the shirt I really, really wanted was $135.

Reader-Nominated Dress of the Day: Eyelet Sweetheart Mini Dress from Forever 21
I have the perfect pair of shoes for this dress…

NooShooz – one shoe, different uppers
Yep! Love the idea – hate the obvious zipper that detracts from the versatility.

When Bikinis go Bad
Oh yeah. I have that suit. I thought everyone wore fringe to the pool. No?

What kind of shoes are these? (Clue: BALLET FLATS)
Have these people never heard the rule “show, don’t tell”?

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