The Crocs cellphone case: now your mobile can be a Fashion Criminal too!

Crocs It may take you a few seconds to realise just what you’re looking at here, so we’re going to give you a moment…

*  *   *

And now we’re going to give you another moment to beat your head repeatedly against the desk, crying, "WHEN WILL IT END, GOD? WHEN WILL PEOPLE START TO REALISE THAT PLASTIC SHOES ARE UGLY, WHETHER YOU WEAR THEM ON YOUR FEET OR PUT THEM ON YOUR PHONE?"

*  *  *

We’re starting to fear they will never learn. Because this, you see, is a Croc for your mobile. It even has those annoying little "pins" that some people stick in the Crocs-for-the-feet, in the belief that they are being "cute".

This is not "cute". No, we believe this to be a sign of the destruction of humanity as we know it. In other words, it’s the Crocs, phone case, available soon for £6.95, and the proof that you can now become a Fashion Criminal without even getting dressed.

The phone, meanwhile, comments: "I know I look stupid in this, but damn, I’m comfy!"

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