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Crime of Fashion: Camouflage Crocs


You know what puzzles me most about people who love Crocs? I mean, other than the fact that they voluntarily wear ugly plastic gardening shoes out in public, obviously. It’s the way that, after they’ve given the standard "But they’re SO COMFY!" argument (Yeah, yeah, so’s my nightie, but I wouldn’t wear it in public either. Next!), they normally resort to the old, "Well, MY KIDS LOVE THEM!" As if this is is somehow "evidence" that Crocs are, in fact, acceptable attire for adults.

Well, here’s a quick newsflash,folks: your kids may well love them, and good for them – they’re KIDS, they get to wear what they want. But adults who decide to dress like a five year old look like they have something wrong with them. Let the kids have their Crocs if you must, but never forget that you are an adult: you WILL be able to find comfortable shoes that aren’t made of brightly coloured plastic: we promise.

Sermon over. These are Crocs’ pink camouflage shoes. If only they could truly "camouflage" themselves, so we wouldn’t actually have to look at them, no?

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