Crimes of Fashion, Shoes

Dr Scholls Orig. ‘Harmony’shoes:an unholy alliance of Crocs and clogs, or quite nice, really?


We’re not sure what the thinking is behind making so many plastic/foam/fugly shoes bright pink. Surely if you wanted to be all girly and feminine, you wouldn’t be clomping around in this kind of thing? Or would you?

These are Dr Scholls’ ‘Harmony’ clogs, and, as you can see, it’s more or less like a Croc mated with a clog. Neither style has ever been popular amongst Fashion Police readers, so we wouldn’t think these will go down too well either, but we’ve been wrong before, and we will happily stand corrected if we’re wrong this time, too. Until someone tells us different, though, we’re marking these down as Crimes of Fashion and filling them under "what’s the current fascination with rubber shoes? WHY?!"

If you like them, though, you can buy them for $34.99.

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