Put me down for a pair if they come with …

Comment on Crochet Crimes: Crocheted shoes by Rachel Comey by Kate.

Put me down for a pair if they come with a matching purse. I think I made these when I was 11 and got the “my first crotchet” kit.

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Guess which label Pamela Anderson is wearing?
Chanel makes hooker clothes now?

Juliette Lewis in pink leggings at LA Fashion Week
But it’s Juliette Lewis, and we all know she’s kooky. While it’s a tacky outfit, I think it suits her and it’s what we expect her to wear.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears Martin Margiela’s split-toe boots: case closed!
I would prefer to see a camel toe on the foot than anywhere else, but ICK!

The MET Costume Institure Gala 2009: Madonna in Louis Vuitton
Nanna.. please… NOOOOOO!

Foot Snatcher Strikes Again: Kelly Clarkson is latest victim
I love Kelly Clarkson, but this is just tragic. Maybe it’s because her legs are at least 10 inches shorter than everyone elses?

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