OMG!! they are so sexy. I want some *I’m kidding of …

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OMG!! they are so sexy. I want some
*I’m kidding of course

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Eyeball Jewellery: not fashionable
this is NOT cool. If I was talking to someone and I seen this is their eye, i would seriously have to leave the convo. lol

Bad Bikinis: The writing’s on the wall boobs…
woah, this is sooooo rubbish.
Its even worse than those plates that say “plate” or ” dinner” on them.

Shoe Porn: The Yves St. Laurent Tribute pump
……………….just plain beautiful…..

Wear or Die: Customised skirts
hahaha. i liked kathys comment.
But, if i really must Im gunna choose the jungle styleee one. uurgh. I didn;t know by signing up for your rss feeds id be signing my fashion sense over. =(

Gladiator sandals get out of control: Faith’s ‘Joman’ sandal boots
I think tne reason that Gladiators would wear them, is because their opponents would laugh themselves to death upon sight. lol.

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