Critics Choice Awards: Katie Holmes, Kyra Segwick, Brittany Snow


Three different looks here from Katie Holmes, Kyra Segwick and Brittany Snow, all pictured at last night’s Critics Choice Awards. Weirdly, I’m liking Katie’s look best here, although this pictures is a little more flattering than the ones of her on strange, which have something of the "I had absolutely nothing to wear tonight, so thank God Tom insisted on getting those gold, sparky bed sheets!" about them. Still, a good effort all the same.

I also like Kyra Segwick’s dip-dyed red dress, which is casually chic, and looks great with the up do and lipstick. Not so sure about Brittany, who looks like she’d have a bit of trouble bending over in what looks like a rather excessively boned dress, which is adding a bit too much bulk to her weeny frame. Love the colour, though.

If only they hadn’t cancelled the Golden Globes


  • January 9, 2008


    Kyra’s dress is beau-ooooo-tiful! Loving the dip-dying ombre vibe – where can I get me some of that action?!

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  • January 9, 2008

    The Fashion Police

    Caroline, Kyra’s is OScar de la Renta, but I will keep my eyes open for something similar!

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