Is it just me, or does that model look a …

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Is it just me, or does that model look a lot like Nicole Kidman?

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Skirts: how short is too short?
I think there are two important factors to consider: tights and the quality of the legs being showcased, lol. If you have fantastic legs, I think the bending-over-and-not-seeing-underwear rule is enough. But if you don’t have the greatest legs, then a super-short skirt just isn’t flattering and a knee-length would be sexier.

Best Dressed at the 2008 Emmys Part 1: Olivia Wilde, Evangeline Lilly, Jennifer Morrison or Marcia Cross?
Whoo! Two House gals in one post! Lisa Edelstein’s retro dress wasn’t bad either…
Wilde’s dress wins for me, because the whole ethereal fairytale thing really works for her. Jen looks great in that gold color, too. Marcia…I really dislike that color on her. It’s a shame, because, say, Kerry Washington would look fab in that dress, but it washes Marcia out.

Best Dressed of the Day
Definitely Jennifer- I love that dress, shoes, and hair. She’s such a stylish gal in general- it’s great to see her recognized in a fashion blog. Also, I have to…
HOUSE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

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