Crimes of Fashion: Dungaree Dresses

Dungdress Dresses

Hold it. Hold it just one cotton-pickin’ minute. When did dungaree dresses come back into fashion? Did I miss a memo or something? In fact, wait – when did dungarees come back into fashion, period? And when will they be going out again?

I’ve never been able to see a good reasin for the wearing of dungarees – unless, of course, you actually want to look like an oversized toddler, and if you do, well, hell mend you. They’re frumpy, they’re fugly, they flatter absolutely no one… I could go on. This white number from Dorothy Perkins manages to offend me in so many different ways: it’s white denim (or at least I think it is, it’s a little hard to tell from behind the couch here, where I’m hiding in horror), it has that kicky little frill at the bottom that just so doesn’t look right with the buch lesbian image that dungarees tend to conjure up (sorry). And, of course, it’s a freakin’ dungaree dress.

I know it’s only £25, but seriously, Dotty P, what were you thinking?

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