Haha- With some footy liners, I would TOTALLY wear those. …

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haha- With some footy liners, I would TOTALLY wear those.

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Guest Post: I Refuse to Wear Skinny Jeans
I’m also ‘curvy’. Big butt, you see. And I think I look amazing in my skinny jeans, which I’ve been wearing for years.

Fashion Police Checkpoint!
🙂 You’d hate it.
I’m a pirate today.
I’m wearing really tight black cross-back tank top with red-on-white plaid side panels, and a Jolly Roger on the front. Blue and black vertical-striped stretch-cotton hipster pants, unlaced combat boots with silver spray-painted heels and toes, a bullet belt, and a glittery black sash tied around my waist.

Nicky Hilton and Juliette Lewis work the white shoes/black tights look. Would you?
Juliette looks amazing. Everything she ever wears is simultaneously gorgeous and unique.
Nicky Hilton looks like a flashback to a 4th-grade orchestra recital. Terrible.
And, once again, Juliette is a goddess. (Have you watched her onstage?)

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